A new nurse, Valeria, enters the hospital in the city of Petrozavodsk – arriving as a single mother of a sixteen-year-old daughter. The hospital is tight with staff – there aren’t enough doctors, especially nurses, so the assembled, competent, efficient nurse, ready to go on any shift, comes in handy. Although sometimes Valeria exceeds her authority – she performs the procedure or sends tests that the doctor has not yet prescribed. At first, this is attributed to the fact that she has not yet mastered in a new place, hence the confusion.

Nobody knows that in fact Valeria is a doctor with a rare specialization for a resuscitation surgeon, and her qualifications are such that she can plug anyone in the new hospital, including the head physician. Or rather, she cannot, because the court deprived her of the right to practice. But when the salvation of human life is at stake, she forgets about her own safety and begins to act …


A young woman approaches Pyotr Kiselyov, a failed police investigator. She says that she brings everyone luck, but her astral mentor sent her to Pyotr. Alyona puts forward some strict conditions, but if he follows her instructions accurately—as absurd as they may seem—his life improves immediately! Under no circumstances should he harass her with some intimate silly stuff. Pyotr doesn't believe in such gifts, but soon he has to agree to get this help. Alyona behaves in an obtrusive way, but her recommendations really work! But Kisilyov won't be able to keep his relationship with Alyona purely professional…


A well-known crime journalist, in order to save herself from a murder charge, must find the real killer of her beloved man in a week. In addition, she must decide whether to keep an unplanned pregnancy and if she is ready to become a single mother, which may interfere with her rapidly developing career. Having conducted her own investigation, she is to make an exclusive material about the body found in the park and to prove the innocence of the woman convicted of this crime.


Anna Karpukhina, a technologist of a liquor factory in a small town, exasperated by the product quality, produces an unauthorized batch of vodka according to an ancient recipe, for which she is fined a million rubles and fired from work. To pay the fine, Anna and her friends decide to sell two thousand bottles of kitchen-table vodka.  When a town store starts selling marvelous vodka of stunning quality under the counter, the young director of the factory Igor Proskudin, a haughty businessman from Moscow, decides to find and punish "the moonshiners," but he falls in love with Anna who, thanks to his efforts, has been discovered and detained by that time.


Ellie is the girl from the stolen car. And that’s all she knows about her past. When she was six, officers detained the hijacker and found a child with him.

Oleg worked with Ellie as a psychotherapist when she was a teenager. He promised he would help her remember who she was. But then it ended with her suicide attempt. A decade later, Oleg finds Ellie again to re-start the search for her past.


Руководитель специальных операций ФСБ Денис Кречетов получает важное задание – поймать и доставить в Россию хакершу Призму. После того, как она похитила формулу секретного химического оружия, за ней охотится международный торговец оружием и американская разведка. Денис выясняет местонахождение Призмы и отправляется туда вместе со своим отрядом, чтобы ее перехватить. Однако во время операции возникают неожиданные сложности и Денису приходится встать перед непростым выбором – действовать в интересах Родины или спасать свою семью.


Russian super spy Paul randomly finds his twin brother Andrey, who was lost in childhood, it appears he works as an ordinary investigator in a local police department. The next day after the meeting Andrey is killed, mistaking for Paul. Super spy makes a guess that the mole is working in his department . To find and neutralize the mole, Paul is forced to use Andrey identity as a cover – he begins his duty at the local police station and plays the role of an exemplary husband and good father.


1947. Former war correspondent Alexander Ganin, who did not find himself in the post-war period, leaves for Vyborg, formerly Finnish Viipuri, to write memoirs about the war. However, a more interesting arises: Ganin witnesses the murder and then helps police to investigate complex cases.


​Vera is a 35-year-old brilliant surgeon; she is specialized in planned abdominal surgery. Her profession taught her to be decisive and tough, to be able to hide her feelings, so it may seem that she is quite “cold”. Vera’s perfectionism applies to her work, cloths and family. She always looks perfect, but her family and friends can’t meet her excessive demands. In the end Vera’s husband left her and she lives with her teenage daughter. One day, Vera found out that her 17-year-old patient named Zoya, died under strange circumstances.
After Zoya’s surgery, Vera helped her to get opioid analgesics using fake recipes. During the investigation of Zoya’s death, the fraud is being discovered and a drug distribution case is opened against Vera.
While trying to figure out what happened to her patient, Vera collaborates with a 33-year-old detective, named Pakhomov. They solve the case when they find rashes on the victim’s body caused by the foot-and-mouth disease.
Clouds are gathering over Vera – she is sentenced to five years in prison and she is not allowed to work as a doctor. However, the prosecutor’s office offers Vera an alternative sentence – to work as a forensic expert. Vera gets a bracelet on her leg a​​nd Pakhomov becomes her supervising officer.


In downtown Moscow, there is a private shelter for abandoned cats. The manager is Marina, she's 35, she's skeptical, materialistic, and a bitter misanthrope, she prefers four-legged creatures to two-legged ones. Her attitude spooks the visitors of the shelter who come over to adopt a pet or, to the contrary, to leave their animals here.
Each episode of the show is a clear allegory where, behind the “feline” foreground, there is a hidden need for solving the visitor’s current problem, and this process unfolds right in front of us.