Detective Maxim Furin was considered dead for a significant time.
However, when he returns and takes over as head of the department, many colleagues are skeptical. Although his methods are strange, Furin’s younger associates begin to admire his courage and expertise.


The honest military heart is replaced to the corrupted police officer who is on the verge of death. Gradually he turns into other person and it seems that he can’t make dirty deeds any more … He has other heart, after all…


In the second season of “sky court” the department where andrey and veniamin work undergoes a severe checkup. The supreme inquisition has to certify the lawyers and prosecutors and send those who gains the least number of points to the sector of reflections. Both andrey and veniamin being too independent and ironical contrive to set supreme supervisor against them.
We will also continue to learn about the peculiarities of the sky bureaucracy, amore clan and will meet new interesting characters…


After long years of serving in the forces former major Andrey Shamanov tries to live usual life. But when his ex-colleagues need his help even his beloved Nastya can’t make him refuse a dangerous missionto investigate a cause of death of SMU group, who were undergoing drill in the mountains where gang of smugglers were hiding. While working on this case Andrey will face severe trials as the criminals kidnap his beloved and try to blackmail him. Shamanov decides to take the criminals by storm and saves Nastya, releasing several hostages. But the criminals are not going to let Andrey and witnesses leave the secret base…