Mezentsev, the head of a criminal investigation department, is under investigation for the murder of a colleague. He is taken off the case and forced to start his own investigation. But in order to find the real killer, Andrei will have to figure out why everyone close to him is biased against him and uninterested in helping him get his life back.


A self-confident beauty Ira leaves her nerdy husband Sergey for a lover poet Igor. She decides to do the good thing and present her homeless, uncapable of daily duties ex-husband to her neighbor – the old maid and white crow teacher Lida. Ira’s act offends Sergey and Lida deeply and they decide to pretend to be a perfect couple to take revenge on her. Living together and having this friendship bring Sergey and Lida together. Lida realizes that she is falling in love with a neighbor. And it seems that there is a chance for happiness. But by this time, Ira seems to be disappointed in her poet and despite the betrayal, she plans to return her “presented” husband at all costs.


Что может чувствовать официантка Ульяна, когда после многочисленных унижений и оскорблений со стороны сына владельца, Никиты Горячева, ей говорят – теперь он в твоей власти! И это не сон! Каждый рабочий день в кафе становится настоящим квестом! И не только для официанта Никиты, но и для Ульяны – начальницы смены. Неужели Никите удастся найти с ней общий язык? А может даже… встретить настоящую любовь?


Stones for Anna Krechetova are both her passion and her career. She has a blog about mineral properties. The owner of ‘Sapphire’, the company where Anna works as an expert, is not happy with that fact. It becomes unbearable to continue working at ‘Sapphire’, all because of the boss’s nit-picking. Anna writes her resignation letter. But a unique heart-shaped diamond disappears from the office’s safe on her last day of work. The “thief” goes online and makes a condition: Anna and Fyodor need to go to a forest and wait for further instructions. If they manage to do several weird tasks, the “thief” will give the diamond back. The dangerous challenges bring Anna and Fyodor closer. But when she finds out that Fyodor stole the diamond himself, Anna realizes she has been shamelessly tricked. Will Anna believe that Fyodor’s actions were dictated by his secret and passionate love to her?


LADA – is the ideal housewife, but men do not value her. One day Lada decides to change – to become a bitch. ROMAN – an aspiring writer, and author of the book “How to Conquer Any Woman”. For his book to get published, Roman must use his own methods in order to prove to the publisher that his recipes to conquer women actually work.

Roman pretends that he has lost his memory. By coincidence, Lada “picks him up” and tells him that he is her missing husband. Roman and Lada then experiment on each other, without the other knowing it. One day, the whole truth is revealed. But they no longer want to break up – love has found its way.


To save his business, formerly successful psychotherapist Kholmogorov is forced to take on his team a new employee, simple janitor Klava who, using her humane warmth and natural empathy, as opposed to Kholmogorov's trendy techniques, really heals people's souls and helps them overcome any, even the hardest psychological problems. Kholmogorov is skeptical at first; he doesn't believe in the success of this enforced experiment, but, after a while, he realized that Klava not only helps him attract new clients but also sort out his own personal problems.


Все влюбленные хотят проводить вместе как можно больше времени. Но мало кто хочет быть запертым со своей второй половиной в малюсенькой квартире на целых две недели. Такое интенсивное общение вскрывает все проблемы в отношениях и оказывается, что от любви до ненависти один шаг.


Успешный адвокат Варвара Корчагина приезжает в элитный коттеджный поселок в гости к своему другу юности, следователю местного отдела полиции Андрею Троицкому, и оказывается в центре расследования гибели местной жительницы. С каждым шагом расследования дело становится все сложнее и запутаннее. Варвару начинает преследовать призрак погибшей девушки. А Андрей понимает, что приезд Варвары был совсем не случайным, и она знает гораздо больше, чем ему рассказывает.


A young popular artist Max Korostylyov, known as St. Petersburg Banksy, gets a temporary job at a small museum of his hometown Mezhdurechensk to receive a grant for a project abroad. Rusakova, the director of the museum, offers him a job on one condition – Max has to make the exhibition modern and attract new visitors. But Max’s modern view on art is not to everyone’s liking, most of the old museum staff members despise his drollery and ill temper. Only when there is a real threat of the museum closing down do the heroes collaborate to save the museum from closing down.


A founder of the architectural bureau and father of two underaged girls starts a private investigation of the root causes behind the sudden death of his wife. All the signs point to his wife's romantic affair with another man and her leading a double life.