A well-known crime journalist, in order to save herself from a murder charge, must find the real killer of her beloved man in a week. In addition, she must decide whether to keep an unplanned pregnancy and if she is ready to become a single mother, which may interfere with her rapidly developing career. Having conducted her own investigation, she is to make an exclusive material about the body found in the park and to prove the innocence of the woman convicted of this crime.


Ellie is the girl from the stolen car. And that’s all she knows about her past. When she was six, officers detained the hijacker and found a child with him.

Oleg worked with Ellie as a psychotherapist when she was a teenager. He promised he would help her remember who she was. But then it ended with her suicide attempt. A decade later, Oleg finds Ellie again to re-start the search for her past.


The head of the special operations of the FSB(Federal Security)  Denis receives an important task – to catch and deliver the hacker, Prism, who have stolen the secret chemical weapon formula. Now she is hunted by an international arms dealer and US intelligence. Denis finds out the location of Prism and goes there with his squad to intercept it. However, during the operation, unexpected difficulties arise and Denis has to make a difficult choice – to act in the interests of the motherland or to save his family.


Russian super spy Paul randomly finds his twin brother Andrey, who was lost in childhood, it appears he works as an ordinary investigator in a local police department. The next day after the meeting Andrey is killed, mistaking for Paul. Super spy makes a guess that the mole is working in his department . To find and neutralize the mole, Paul is forced to use Andrey identity as a cover – he begins his duty at the local police station and plays the role of an exemplary husband and good father.


​Vera is a 35-year-old brilliant surgeon; she is specialized in planned abdominal surgery. Her profession taught her to be decisive and tough, to be able to hide her feelings, so it may seem that she is quite “cold”. Vera’s perfectionism applies to her work, cloths and family. She always looks perfect, but her family and friends can’t meet her excessive demands. In the end Vera’s husband left her and she lives with her teenage daughter. One day, Vera found out that her 17-year-old patient named Zoya, died under strange circumstances.
After Zoya’s surgery, Vera helped her to get opioid analgesics using fake recipes. During the investigation of Zoya’s death, the fraud is being discovered and a drug distribution case is opened against Vera.
While trying to figure out what happened to her patient, Vera collaborates with a 33-year-old detective, named Pakhomov. They solve the case when they find rashes on the victim’s body caused by the foot-and-mouth disease.
Clouds are gathering over Vera – she is sentenced to five years in prison and she is not allowed to work as a doctor. However, the prosecutor’s office offers Vera an alternative sentence – to work as a forensic expert. Vera gets a bracelet on her leg a​​nd Pakhomov becomes her supervising officer.


St. Petersburg, 1912. The progress of the new century comes, however, human nature does not change with the progress – people deprive each other of their lives, sometimes in the most terrible and incredible ways. Each time, when the metropolitan police, along with all their modern equipment, can not cope with another terrible murder, they call on the help of the 40-year-old Arkady Voskresensky ( Yuri Kolokolnikov), professor of medicine. The cases that
Voskresensky is investigating for eight episodes are the most inexplicable and shocking. But case by case, Voskresensky proves that behind the unthinkable crimes are real killers who cannot hold back the dark sides of their desires.


Лучшие подруги Татьяна и Настя оказываются в ЗАГСе одновременно, но по разным поводам: Татьяна разводится, а Настя, которая также приходится сестрой бывшему мужу Татьяны, выходит замуж за симпатичного врача-педиатра Павла. Настя и Павел познакомились на вечере блиц-свиданий и влюбились друг в друга с первого взгляда. В свои тридцать пять они решили не тратить время на долгие свидания и вот, спустя два месяца упоительного романа играют свадьбу, правда, Павел не знает, что у Насти есть кое-какие скелеты в шкафу. Пока Татьяна делит с бывшим мужем совместно нажитое имущество,  Настя и Павел, купаясь в любви, отправляются в медовый месяц в курортный городок. Спустя несколько дней Татьяна внезапно узнает, что Настя бесследно пропала. Охваченные дурным предчувствием, Татьяна и Олег бросаются на поиски исчезнувшей.


Masha arrives in Moscow in search of a father, the existence of which she learned recently. She finds temporary shelter in an apartment where two women already live, working as cashiers in  the nearest supermarket. Lonely forty-year-old Olga has been saving all her life for her own housing and is just getting ready to buy her dream home. Thirty-year-old Irina single-handedly raises her daughter and goes on dates as for work – she hopes to arrange her personal life.



This is a story of female friendship represented by officers of the criminal investigation Irina Galko and Yulia Gamayun. Women’s intuition, penetration and empathy (popularly – sympathy)assist in investigating murders, but professional skills paradoxically do not help them at all in their personal lives: Irina is chasing the mythical mistress of her husband who actually left, trying to protect his underground drug business, and Yulia did not myopically discern that her married lover-colleague cheated not only on his wife, but also on her, and now she is suspected of attempted murder. Raking up the mess in their personal lives, they are forced to fulfill their direct responsibilities – to solve cases in their native Yaroslavl.


Лена, ухоженная красотка, вместе со своим богатым мужем путешествует по Волге на собственной яхте.  Им приходится встать на вынужденный ремонт в городе Заволжске – полетела электропроводка. муж сходит на берег в поисках  приключений, а Лена сталкивается с шокирующей российской действительностью в лице электрика Димы (под сорок, вдовец с тремя детьми). Раздраженная  Лена срывает злость на Диме, и в итоге выталкивает его с яхты, не заплатив ни копейки.  Поздно ночью она сама случайно падает за борт, пьяный муж этого не замечает, командуя «полный вперед» – после крупной ссоры он уверен, что Лена отправилась домой.
На следующий день Дима встречает в городской больнице Заволжска Лену с полной амнезией, которая тем не менее, качает права и скандалит с персоналом. Дима решает проучить эту дамочку. Он объявляет Лену своей женой и привозит ее домой. Если она считает себя хозяйкой жизни, пусть поработает хозяйкой у него на кухне. За те несколько дней, что она проведет в этом шумном доме, Лене предстоит научиться готовить и убираться, найти общий язык с младшими детьми, стать хорошей подругой для «дочери»-подростка. А главное – почувствовать себя частью большой семьи и встретить настоящую любовь в лице Димы – электрика, который так зло над ней пошутил…