1961.  A  small  town  Strunyevo  behind  101-st  kilometer.  In  contrast  to  the neighboring cities and villages, the crimes here do not happen often, but   – crime disclosing is  one  of the  best in the USSR. But while investigating the  death  of a school teacher operative Rodion Stotskii discovers that Strunevo –  is  ‘the house, where is  no  shit’,  and the  hosts in this  house  are  “trusties”  and  “thieves in law” who  chose this  small town  after the  amnesty. And the majority  of  robberies  and 
armed assaults in the neighboring cities and villages – most likely  is the handiwork of the peaceful Strunёvo inhabitants.


The Second World War. The Soviet leadership gets to know that the German concern “Auerge” is developing atomic weapons. In “Auerge” works a physical scientist Katherine Stuhr – a Polish woman, who visited a German concentration camp. She has not realized yet the whole danger of their scientific research, she is panically frightened of the Gestapo and dreams to escape somewhere where nothing will threaten her. Her dream can come true with the help of Vlad Volnyi, who had been recruited by Soviet secret services, he was given the task to kidnap an employee the “Auerge” concern and deliver it to Moscow…


Thoroughly planned life of 30-year-old Elena collapses when Andrew leaves her instead of making a marriage offer she’s been waiting for so long. Lena invents a new plan: she wants to get her ideal Andrew back making him jealous by using a fake ‘boyfriend’ – Roman, a brave climber. The bargain is complicated with the fact that these two hate each other. Their attempts of showing true-to-life relations before Andrew’s eyes lead to unexpected results…


1957. A graduating student of a Leningrad University college of law Maria Krapivina starts working in the Leningrad criminal investigation office. None of the colleagues take her seriously, and the head of her department makes jokes on her. Masha is ready to leave the police right away before she even starts working. Suddenly a criminal called Buffet makes a sudden recognition to her during one of the interrogations – there’s a traitor in the department who works for criminals. Masha decides to stay and to deal with this problem. Her private investigation won’t be easy because of hard relations with the two officers – Petrov and Shvedov. Besides she learns some of her family secrets because of this very investigation…


Lourie, a diamond business owner, is attacked in her private plane cabin. The unidentified man changes his mind in the nick of time, he decides not to kill her and parachutes off of the plane. Later on, it turns out that he doesn’t remember his name by the time he comes around. A strange tattoo of a code and his professional fighting skills are the only things that remind him of his past. While trying to find out who he is, he meets a girl named Alyona, who agrees to help him in return for a favor. Meanwhile, Grishin, a military scientist, is looking for his best mercenary – Anton Sukharev, who had participated in an experiment in increasing all soldiers’ physical indicators. Sukharev has fled the mission, and Grishin will do whatever it takes to find him.


Furin investigates the murder of journalist Kalashnikov. This case makes him face the new deadly sporting drug which may approach a market. Furin can’t bring a charge against the pharmaceutical company management, but when his close friend and a girl that fell in love with Furin die as part of the case – he goes to extreme. In response the criminals kidnap his daughter. With the help of his ex-enemy major Kholmogorov Furin starts an unequal battle and wins it.


June 1965. Sometimes tough, by acting outside the law; sometimes by making deals with criminals – Rodion Stotsky, working as a police chief for three years, has turned Gurzuf into the most peaceful place of the Southern Coast of Crimea. Even beach crooks prefer not to work here.
But at the beginning of the next holiday season several crimes happened over a couple of days: some criminals were shot in a taxi; a truck transporting salary for the “Artek” workers was robbed; an underground casino was assaulted.
Stotsky realizes that these crimes are connected and he has to catch the criminals as soon as possible.
His old friend Taras Zaytsev, who moved to the Crimea with his family following Stotsky, will assist him in this investigation.


Svetlana was never lucky. Therefore, she was not at all surprised when fate chose her birthday for the grand final failure on all fronts. In a single moment she lost both personal happiness and a roof over her head, and even the boss cut her bonus. Homeless, husbandless and almost unemployed, Sveta receives a lottery ticket as a gift from her friends. The friends themselves could not stay for their birthday – Sveta was not even surprised. She does not even suspect that tomorrow her life will change – she will be a millionaire!


Jane is the owner of a small wedding agency, a real ceremony fairy, and, by the way, soon she is going to get married. Mark is a high-class lawyer specializing in divorce and division of property.
Each of them sincerely loves their calling and is sure that helps people to become happier. One day they meet each other and now Jane is not so sure that she wants to marry her ideal groom. And known bachelor Mark is puzzled as well….


После двадцати лет брака от Алены Торбеевой вдруг уходит муж, Влад Торбеев. Он тешит себя иллюзиями, что развод пройдет мирно, но не тут-то было: оскорбленная Алена объявляет ему войну. Влад вынужден обороняться. Война пробуждает в супругах страсть и чувства, которых они уже давно не испытывали друг к другу…”.​