The employee of the Investigative Committee of Russian Federation Anastasia Zorina, during the investigation of a sensational case, applies to outside expert – Cyril Lemke. He is a pathologist and a professor of pathological anatomy, and he is a junior research scientist at the Laboratory of tissue regeneration, in one Moscow Institute. After a successful finishing the RF IC case he decides to create a special investigative expert group ‘Academia’, which will include esearch associates from various faculties of this Institute – Physics, Chemistry, Biology…
Anastasia Zorina is assigned the Department Curator. It won’t be easy for a young Curator to keep in hands Lemke and a company of scientists for whom the search of the truth and the result is always more important than the letter of the law. Especially because she likes Cyril, but he is married…
But it’s worth it – The most mysterious crimes will be disclosed thanks to free and unconventional thinking of the ‘Academia’ team members.


The life of surgeon Evgeniya Koroleva seemed to be just good until once a new Moscow manager Ilya Sokolov was sent to the hospital she works in. The new chief starts bringing new orders to office, and it becomes not easy for Evgeniya to find a common language with him.
Despite the conflict, Evgeniya and Ilya are compelled to work side by side, together saving patients’ lives.
They don’t notice how gradually hostility between them is replaced by sympathy, and even by deep feelings later.


На что вы готовы пойти ради своей мечты? А если это мечта строить дома и работать в самом престижном архитектурном бюро Москвы? А если начальник прекрасный, амбициозный сноб с каменным сердцем, категорически не берущим на работу женщин? А что если вы молодая, красивая, амбициозная и женщина?! Перед такой статистикой оказалась героиня Саша… и решила действовать. Проблему пола может помочь решить маскарад и короткая стрижка, но что делать, если сердце начинает вздрагивать при виде некогда ненавистного сноба-начальника?


Former soldier Shamanov arrives to a small town to meet his old friend but accidentally finds out that the locals live in fear for their lives. He can’t stand apart and decides to oppose the vicious authorities of the town…



What will happen if during agents penetration of a criminal group one of the agents falls in love with its leader’s daughter?


Before the ordinary New Year in the most ordinary Shishkin family from extra ordinary small town, life goes on. But when the young charming thief Garik arrives in the place, the real New Year’s festivities begin.


World War II. Arina and Zoya are two young secret agents who act behind enemy lines in Riga, Crimea, Poland and Germany. They cooperate with partisans and fight their enemies.
They are fearless, smart and strong and always escape the danger…


Eugene does not remember anything about his past life. Simple stuff found in his pockets led him to the apartment, but even that did not throw up memories. The only thing he understood was that he has unnatural thirst for human’s blood.


Internal security department conducts the investigations of the crimes committed by the police officers. They do the same work just like the police does with the only difference that they work against their colleagues. No one likes them and everyone just fears them. Department officers work in an atmosphere of a constant distrust and suspiciousness. The more successful their work is the greater chasm grows between them and other officers…


Photographer Alexey Govorkov, CAESAR, is a popular blogger. He exposes the police fads. Once he sees the police arrests a serial killer, ARTIST. Govorkov helps him hide and meets Captain Zvyagin. Caesar is invited to the investigation group. The MoHA gives them obvious, but resonant cases. The blogger works for public opinion in favor of the police. Zvyagin suspects that Govorkov is Artist.