Eugene does not remember anything about his past life. Simple stuff found in his pockets led him to the apartment, but even that did not throw up memories. The only thing he understood was that he has unnatural thirst for human’s blood.


Internal security department conducts the investigations of the crimes committed by the police officers. They do the same work just like the police does with the only difference that they work against their colleagues. No one likes them and everyone just fears them. Department officers work in an atmosphere of a constant distrust and suspiciousness. The more successful their work is the greater chasm grows between them and other officers…


Photographer Alexey Govorkov, CAESAR, is a popular blogger. He exposes the police fads. Once he sees the police arrests a serial killer, ARTIST. Govorkov helps him hide and meets Captain Zvyagin. Caesar is invited to the investigation group. The MoHA gives them obvious, but resonant cases. The blogger works for public opinion in favor of the police. Zvyagin suspects that Govorkov is Artist.


Yaroslavl, 1950's. Ex-crime investigator Pavel Khromov once condemned to 8 years for the crime he didn't commit is now released. He finds out that his sister has been killed be the "BLACK WOLVES", local criminal gang keeping in awe the whole city as they leave a wolf's head at every crime scene. Pavel will have to catch the criminals to take vengeance and redeem his honor of the captain.


Anton is a successful businessman in a midlife crisis. He does not feel happy, though he has everything that he could wish for. He drinks a lot, and on the advice of a close friend, begins to attend a society of anonymous alcoholics. There he meets a man who calls himself Stalker, who offers adventure that he has never experienced. Anton agrees and soon realizes that he is in 1975.


Two lawyers Andrey and Veniamin are close friends but due to their work they are always on the opposite side of the fence. The peculiarity of their situation consists in suits they carry on – not in this world, but in afterlife. They work in the Sky Court, which decides where the humans’ souls should be sent after death, in Heaven or Hell. One suit suddenly becomes very special and private for Andrey: a man who proposed a marriage to his widow appears on the dock.


Evening after working hours chairman of the National Trust Bank Pochekaev has a call from unknown person who tells that one of the bank branches is being captured by weaponed robbers. Pochekaev suggests a joke. We see five men in colored masks break in the bank and put on the floor all beings there.
To the scene arrive the police and special troops. Rescue operation headquarter places in the cafe opposite to the bank building. Very soon the police and hostages get it clear that robbery is uncommon. Much more then in money gang’s Leader is interested in contents of Pochekaev’s safety box.
Police along with Secret Service develop a plan of hostages rescue. Robbers demand to bring them the keys of lock boxes. Some of the hostages try to resist bandits or to escape. Scared Pochekaev is going to move his family abroad.
Behind the above is mystical stranger, a robbery planner, who lives with thought of avenge.


The former legionary, Serge Le Jeune, it is Sergey Lezhnev, works as the nurse in an ambulance crew, and dreams to find his mother about whom he heard nothing for fifteen years. Once in the performance of his duty Serge was on a murder place, when he helped the police with disclosure of the confused crime. Having shown extraordinary analytical skills, not only the police are interested in the main character… Besides, the participation in these investigations distracts him from private life – his relations with Margarita don't develop in any way.


A bad joke on the talk show "Let's chat?" costs his host Arseniy Platonov career. The star goes to his mother to the small town. He’s invited to school to conduct a master-class "Secrets of success." Arseniy meets his ex-classmate Masha. Now she is a teacher, alone, with two children. He decides to stay at school for a while to conquer Masha – he’s sure it will be easy.


Иван Свиридов возвращается из армии и встречается с друзьями детства – Равилем, Маркиным, Пашулей и Риткой. Прямолинейный Иван привык стоять на своем и действовать вопреки обстоятельствам. Он ссорится с дядей, отказывается общаться с матерью, начинает встречаться с непредсказуемой Мирой, решается доверить старт своего бизнеса человеку, который доверия не заслуживает. Проблемы растут как снежный ком, и однажды Иван теряет всё… кроме друзей.